Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where did you come from 1610AM?

The supporters of this station consist of a small group of like-minded citizens who became aware that we must get together and participate in the political elections of 2008. After the election, we got together to try to figure out how to continue to share concepts in innovative ways with interested members of our community in a fun and non-obtrusive way.
This meant throwing out ideas like flyers, bumper stickers, signage, community meetings, telephone banks, etc. you get the idea. The radio station idea stuck. Through this medium, we believe fresh perspective can be shared on an ongoing, daily updated basis for as long as each listener would like. At the same time nothing is wasted in terms of paper, plastic, cardboard and the money and time it takes to deliver such items in the hopes someone will pay attention. Radio is 'green'. Since we transmit 0.1 watts the power consumed is virtually nothing.
All though you may hear some a few shows each week emphasizing faith, gardening, or nutritional awareness, the main content we share is political news and its associated commentary. Whether you consider yourself 'Left', 'Right' or 'none of the above', our main goal is to share with Corvallis a fresh perspective that is, as a whole, not heard in "old" media, (AM/FM/TV/newspaper) but instead mainly on the Internet. So, we are bringing the power of the Internet to good old AM radio. Why? Well everyone has an AM radio and we believe strongly that everyone who wants to should be able to consider a perspective other than what is pre-approved by the usual big this and that.
Most shows during the weekdays are carried 'LIVE'. So, yes, you can call in! This is real radio, just not radio we have heard around here before. This is independent talk radio. This means that there is plenty of criticism to go around against both the "red team" and the "blue team". I don't know where or when this idea of labeling states red and blue based on the R and D winners n losers started but I sure did not see it prior to a couple elections ago. To me it sounds just like a cheesy roller derby sports event. So, I view red and blue labeling and most other labeling as an attempt to divide the American people along any and all lines possible.
I used to think, this national party (and their issues) 'mostly good' and that other party over there, "ALL bad(for sure, no doubt)". Guess how I view things now after carefully considering many issues without a knee-jerk kicking off my neurons... now I say. Does this idea/concept/person etc. favor the cause of liberty or tyranny? Double check the textbook meaning of liberty and tyranny then try it a few times on your favorite(or least favorite) issues, I think you will be surprised.
In closing, LETS BE CLEAR...
We don't agree with every viewpoint expressed on each show aired.
We don't agree with the fitness of every product advertised. Let's face it there are several whacky products being advertised on some of the shows. We just chuckle, shake our heads and move on.

We welcome you to the new Corvallis 1610 AM

Corvallis 1610 AM is brought to you by regular citizens like yourself. Corvallis is an intellectual community that prides itself for its open mind. We encourage you to keep listening and learn more. We will continue to expand our coverage and if you like what you hear...well, tell us!

Thank you again for listening to Corvallis 1610 AM.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome to "The Torch" 1610AM

If you are here, we presume you heard a new station on your AM radio dial somewhere in Corvallis, Oregon. Operations began March 18, 2009. Though Corvallis' current AM radio choices are good for those who enjoy OPB and conservative talk, the fact remains we have an empty AM dial. Our purpose is to provide a unique choice of nationally syndicated talk radio programming rarely available on the AM dial. We feel this unique choice is particularly suited to Corvallis' diverse and thoughtful citizenry.
Techie stuff:
Ok well it's more like a match than a torch right now! But, what you are hearing is the output of an FCC certified legal AM radio transmitter that has been calibrated to 100mW of output power. As a common reference, a cheap backpacking headlamp would emit about 1 watt of light energy. So, we are transmitting 1/10th of 1 watt of RF (radio frequency) energy!
from the transmitter manufacturer:
"Our AM transmitter was certified under Part 15.219 which is not a radiation limitation but is a power and antenna length limitation. The power limit is .1 watt and the antenna length limit is 3 meters. There is no range or height limit for a Part 15.219 transmitter. With this allowed combination much greater ranges are possible, though it requires tune up and setting the power by a competent technician. Generally you can’t buy a Part 15.219 certified transmitter bubble packed at the department store. Because our transmitter has a removable antenna and adjustable power, instruction to be installed by competent personal was a condition of certification. Rule 15.215 (a) clarifies this: “(a) The regulations in Sections 15.217-15.255 provide alternatives to the general radiated emission limits for intentional radiators operating in specified frequency bands. Unless otherwise stated, there are no restrictions as to the types of operation permitted under these sections.”
"Generally the Spirit of the Part 15 law seems to be not to cause interference to a licensed station. We follow FCC law. Of course you should follow FCC law and fully cooperate with the FCC.
Here is subpart 15.219:”Section 15.219 Operation in the band 510 - 1705 kHz.(a) The total input power to the final radio frequency stage (exclusive of filament or heaterpower) shall not exceed 100 milliwatts.(b) The total length of the transmission line, antenna and ground lead (if used) shall not exceed 3meters.(c) All emissions below 510 kHz or above 1705 kHz shall be attenuated at least 20 dB below the level of the unmodulated carrier. Determination of compliance with the 20 dB attenuation specification may be based on measurements at the intentional radiator's antenna output terminal unless the intentional radiator uses a permanently attached antenna, in which case compliance shall be demonstrated by measuring the radiated emissions.
If you are experiencing 'interference' in an electronic device from our transmission please let us know through the email in this blog so that we can help you. It is not our intention to cause any interference to electronic devices in the area or any other licensed radio stations.